VinaMattress - The quintessence of Vietnamese sleep

Understanding the desire of every family in improving life quality, with the mission of bringing the elite values to Vietnamese family sleep, VinaMattress was established with the Green living - Organic sleeping trend in the digital technology era…

At VinaMattress, the sleep care products are designed in a fashionable style, applying sophisticated manufacturing technology, carefully selected materials based on rigorous standards of fire-retardant, antibacterial and environmentally friendly, ensuring safety for sleep.

The traditional mattress materials have been improved, absorbing new technology and improving quality in order to introduce new options from the most popular product specifications in leading developed countries in the world.

With the vision to become a prestigious manufacturer of blankets - drap - pillows - mattresses in the market in the near future. Our mission is to accompany nature to gradually improve the sleeping quality for Vietnamese.

With that mission, we are committed to choosing green values as the core element to make positive changes and outstanding improvements on our development journey.

VinaMattress - The quintessence of Vietnamese sleep


VinaMattress changes the life value through utilities in your own bedroom

With VinaMattress, you will experience the perfect Organic standard sleep from selected natural ingredients combined with the best technology in furniture manufacturing.


The brand chooses to accompany nature on the journey to create a clean sleep for the community but still does not forget to joint hands with technology to optimize the production chain, create a stable supply of products worthy of top quality. 

  • Modern production technology, imported from Europe.

  • The product uses clean raw materials.

  • Modern product structure, utility product features.

  • Sustainable developing distribution channel policies.


Become a reputable manufacturer of blankets - drap - pillows - mattresses in the market. Step by step, bring to consumers the following sleep care products: 


The most popular trend


Integrating cutting-edge technology


Clean - Organic - Friendly - Safe


Welcome to the green living – a high-quality sleeping community with VinaMattress to enjoy a great sleep experience with unique sleep care products with outstanding structure and features.

The launched VinaMattress product lines are an advanced generation of products that are closely monitored for quality and health benefits of consumers were put on top during the research

The product uses outstanding innovation from technology with a convenient boxed design, optimal spine protection, bringing quality soundly sleep, helping you to be healthier after a good night's sleep.

The brand was launched with the desire to bring consumers world-class sleep care products, together to improve the living quality for every Vietnamese family.